Top 3 Types Of Hybrid Models In Co-Working Spaces

Change has been the only thing constant in the COVID-19 pandemic. This holds for the way businesses and companies are being run today. There is a global decrease in demand for office space with large conglomerates committing to permanent remote working. In May 2020, Twitter and Facebook made initial announcements prompting others like Dropbox, Zillow and Shopify to follow suit, fueling momentum to the relatively new concept of the hybrid workplace model that has become the magic mantra for companies across pan-India too. The hybrid model of working creates a holistic work environment where remote working and in-office working achieve equilibrium.

Wolfpack, a leading company for best co-working space in Bangalore and Kochi enlists the top 3 types of hybrid model co-working spaces that are becoming increasingly popular with corporates, professionals and start-ups.


“Remote-first” is a model that makes working remotely the primary option for most employees. Companies may choose to retain their existing office for only a few people to perform their jobs from a centralized office. The rest of the employees either work from home or even better look at co-working spaces. In the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies were subjected to adapt their business operations to accommodate most or all of their staff working from home, but over time, there is a big demand for the concept of ‘work near home’ – a safe and secured shared office space. Employees from different cities or specific localities identify co-working spaces to work from and ensure productivity remains unaffected.


Several companies cannot thrive remote working. These are eager for their employees to come to a physical office. They choose the office-occasional model where employees come into the co-working shared office on pre-determined days a few times a week. It is a highly flexible policy depending on the company’s needs and employee convenience. This model has proved successful for many inter-city promoters of novel start-ups. Founders, team members and stakeholders divided by geographical distance but united by state-of-the-art technologically advanced shared office spaces.


Companies who are working on 100% remote offices choose to book a rather large space at a centrally located co-working space to invite employees for collaborative meetings, in-person engagements and face-to-face interactions. Depending upon the strength of the workforce companies may invite everyone or certain teams and departments to meet once a week. Companies can choose the frequency of such meetings generally ranging from once a week to once a month.

The hybrid model has given a new lease of life to workers, leaders and companies at large. With several options at one’s disposal, the ball is primarily in the employees; court to work remotely or from home. Hybrid models have several forms of organization. Its ultimate goal is to create a sense of stability in the needs of individual workers with their ability to collaborate and be productive in a shared physical space. Looking for a hybrid model office space post the lockdown? Wolfpack is a leading company offering excellent options in workspaces for rent in Bangalore and Kochi. We guarantee Covid-19 compliant best practices and strategies that have helped thousands of startups, professionals, freelancers and corporate to grow their business in the ‘new normal’. Get in touch for an affordable, engaging and healthy workspace near you! We’re ready to get your business rolling!