Pandemic Or No, Co-working Spaces Are The New Way To Work

The concept of co-working emerged in India about a decade back and has slowly taken the country by storm. In 2015 globally there were 7,800 shared spaces where half a million people were working and this number has burgeoned to 35000 co-working spaces in just 6 six years to evolve as a $26 billion business opportunity. Overcoming the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic the co-working spaces industry has continued to grow with a positive curve in 2021. It is without a doubt that the concept of shared offices is here to stay. It was here before the pandemic, and now with the pandemic, it has only strengthened the image of co-working as a preferable workspace solution. Wolfpack, a leading company for best co-working space in Bangalore and Kochi, enlists the top 5 reasons why companies of different scale find shared offices the new way to work. 


Collaboration Centre's


It took its time but the corporate sector has finally sat up to notice the innovative work environment that co-working spaces have to offer. Some of the global giants are increasingly settling for flexible workspaces to look for new ideas, inspiration and talented people to collaborate with and take innovation to the next level. This is particularly relevant in the fields of tech, technology, and telecommunications. Such an arrangement allows large companies and start-ups to organically interact with each other and to match synergies for business growth and development. 


Networking sites


Co-working spaces offer a brilliant opportunity to entrepreneurs, startups and professional freelancers to interact with like-minded individuals, increase their might in professional networks and benefit from more business opportunities. With a casual and in-built system of promoting social values like exchange of knowledge, transparency, and belongingness shared office spaces harbor new and interesting work prospects for small-time players and the new kids on the block. 


Nurturing Ability


Trials and errors, testing waters, giving it a shot, experimentation, innovation, nothing to lose – these values form the mindset of the millennials and Gen Z today. With reduced expenses and a free mind to experiment, co-working spaces and shared offices are nurturing in their ability to let talent flow. Entrepreneurs, Innovators and individuals with lower risk-taking ability are given a perfect platform to opt for flexible engagement to give their entrepreneurial dream flight. 


Smarter Way of Working

Traditional organizations have finally understood that conventional ways of working need to change. Embracing the co-working culture helps increase output, productivity and revenue while drastically reducing the fixed costs – a winning situation all the way! With a better equilibrium of greater flexibility and cost efficiency, shared office spaces are surely the smarter way to work in the future. 


Community Building 

A collaborative business structure boosts team building and the overall happiness and productivity of a team. It stimulates interaction and engagement between employees of a company thereby strengthening the team and creating a better workflow. Good-looking interiors, natural light and good furniture and fixtures become a psychological mood up-lifter thereby stimulating interactions and building a positive atmosphere of identity and pride. These have an immediate and lasting impact on productivity. 


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